Here at Completely K9 Dog Training, we believe that the most valuable training involves building a strong relationship and a mutual respect between humans and canines. The only true way to achieve this is through positive training, where dog and handler alike are able to grow in confidence, making residing together an absolute pleasure!

We seriously underestimate the power of training, and as much as we think dogs need it, its the humans that can gain an incredible variety of skills and a deeper level of understanding too!

Working together, we can grow...​ 

 6 weeks for £65

As you may have already figured out from our site, all of our training courses are based on positive methods. This simply means that training with us involves mutual respect and enjoyment, so our initial job is trying to figure out your dog's motivator. 

This could be anything from food or toys, to fuss or sniffing!

The point is: if you can find the tools to motivate your dog then they will learn much quicker and you both will enjoy it.

We offer a vast range of training courses, aiming to cater for a variety of dog and human interests. So have a browse and get in touch if you'd like to jump on the band wagon!

Agility is a very common present day sport in the dog world and we certainly love it too!

However, Agility at our training centre is all about having fun. We don't train competitively and we don't take part in competitions as this then becomes more about the humans.

Our Agility classes are weekly 45 minute sessions and groups are small. This allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and less waiting around!

We prefer dogs to attend our 6 week Pre Agility course before enrolling weekly, as teaching methods and agility styles vary from centre to centre (See below).

1-2-1 Agility sessions can be booked.

Prices vary.

K9 Circuits is our brand new, completely unique activity class that you won't find anywhere else!

The classes are fairly fast paced and are very similar to human circuit training. You have a number of stations set up around the arena and they combine activities from Agility, Rally, Scentwork and Obedience.

These sessions last half an hour and are brilliant for dogs who could really benefit from that extra mental stimulation and fitness.

6 week Course £42

Training Courses

Junior Agility was created for pups under 1 year old to kick start training skills without compromising health and development. 

Much the same as Pre Agility, Junior activities are kept lower down and we focus very much on nurturing the relationship between handler and dog through key exercises.

6 weeks for £65

Our Relationship Building course is exactly what it says on the tin. We feel that the majority of behavioural issues exist due to a lack of effective communication between dog and owner.

In this 6 week course, we teach skills in patience, self calm, desensitisation, appropriate socialisation, stimulation games and a selection of tricks.

The classes are created to ensure there is a relaxed and calm atmosphere, where learning can best take place.

6 weeks for £65 

Maximum 6 dogs

Training with Us

​Home Consultations are effective if you would like 1-2-1 training in your home, can't commit to classes or have a reactive dog.

 Home consultations can help to identify anything that may be going wrong at home or out on walks. Advice and training can cover a variety of areas including (but not limited to):

  • Reactivity
  • ​Separation Anxiety
  • Soiling/Chewing
  • Hyperactivity
  • Resource Guarding
  • Barking
  • Puppy Days

Prices start at £50 per 1-1.5 hour initial visit.

​Prices vary depending on training required.

Please get in touch for over the phone advice


An athlete wouldn't run a marathon without first training!

Agility for us is totally about fun and skill building. We definitely don't take ourselves too seriously.

However, we feel that the safety of dogs and handlers is paramount in this sport and we take the time to show you how to build handling skills slowly so that you will find it easier once you try out your first course!

Therefore, we offer a 6 week Pre Agility Course for anybody interested in joining us. This course is 1 hour per week and covers safe equipment use, skills building, ground exercises and handling techniques.

We feel that it helps both dog and handler to have deeper engrained skills for working a course.

​Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 6/7 depending on dogs enrolled.

Home Visits


Relationship Building

​K9 Circuits

​Junior Agility

Pre Agility

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