Puppy One

A 6 week course designed for Puppies aged 9 weeks and upwards that have had their first vaccinations. We focus the sessions on 

  • Desensitisation
  • Socialisation
  • Puppy Care
  • Confidence Building
  • Basic words
  • Puppy Environment

Puppy Plus

A further 6 week course that introduces on leash work and further desensitisation/socialisation. Activities include

  • Heelwork
  • Patience games
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Channelling Instincts
  • Tricks Training
  • Self Calm
  • ​Recall

​Courses are each 6 weeks for 1 hour per week.

In this industry, we are growingly concerned about the number of dog bite incidents happening all over the world. 

90% of these incidents can be prevented by creating a bomb proof puppy.

Puppy classes are without a doubt THE best thing you can do to prevent the development of phobias and reactivity in an adult dog.

Our methods are kind, our methods build confidence, our methods work.

Puppy Love

Puppy Classes


Thinking of Buying a Puppy?

Shopping List for your Puppy

At Completely K9 Dog Training, we work very closely with rescue organisations and its deeply disturbing to know that over 7000 dogs are euthanised every year in the UK, with over 110'000 waiting for homes in kennels.

With this at the forefront of our minds, we actively seek ways to play our part in reducing these heart felt number by 

  1. ​Heavily fundraising for a number of charities
  2. ​Raising awareness of Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders
  3. Offering discounted Training Classes for puppies adopted via one of our named charities
  4. Creating Puppy Courses that will prevent the development of phobias and reactivity
  5. Teaching desensitisation to every dog and puppy that comes through our training
  6. Building strong relationships with other organisations
  7. Actively encouraging people to adopt rather than buy puppies from breeders, dealers and mills.

If you are going to visit a Puppy with a view to take home, it is absolutely essential that you use the following guidelines:

  • Make sure you meet both mum and dad, and you see mum engaging with the pups
  • You are allowed to see KC papers and vets documents
  • Puppies are not allowed to leave until they are at least 8 weeks old and are fully weaned (regardless of whether they have weaned off early, the time that pups spend with their mother is crucial to learning and behaviour so please never accept a pup before 8 weeks of age)
  • ​You visit more than once before buying the pup
  • Do your homework before, research the breed, expect mess!

IMPORTANT: If you suspect something is not right about the place you have visited or you witness signs of neglect, or you have bought a puppy who has fallen ill, please report this immediately to the Local Council, Trading Standards and the RSPCA. 

It is your job as much as anybody else's to ensure that the place is checked out and that no more puppies and breeding dogs suffer at the hands of the people that run the establishment.

Completely K9 Dog Training


Flat Collar and Harness

Long Training Line

Light weight, non-retractable lead

2/3 Kongs


Soft Tuggy Toy

Rubber based water bowl

Crate (unless adopted from stray)

Dry Kibble 

Remember: We sell many of these items at great prices through our training sessions