‚ÄčCompletely K9 Dog Training

----Walk N Train----

What is the scheme?

'Walk N Train' is our New For 2018 scheme that combines a dog walk with a training session!

The sessions are 45 minutes long and involve solo walks with either myself or Jo and your dog.

The idea is to walk regularly (once or twice per week) to target particular areas of learning.

We have found the feedback on these sessions really positive and most of those who have enrolled have decided to remain on the Walk N Train programme long term for continued training.

How is it transferable to owners?

We give regular updates to owners of areas of progression, give tips and advice on things that we have found that work well, and are bookable for a walk with the owners should you be a more visual learner.

Please contact us on 07934376340 for more information on the scheme on to book a Walk N Train session. Alternatively, you can email us at carla.tilley@hotmail.co.uk.

Carla and Jo x